Account Finance is a procedure that focuses on the financial statement of the school. A process of summarizing operations, recording data, and reports of transactions happen inside the school.

College Accounts

The college account consists of Matriculation and Adjustment. These accounts are responsible for the fees and adjustments in School fees of every student.

Matriculation For College Students

Matriculation For College Students is a process of accepting the youth as the students of a specific School/University.

On the other hand, upon accepting the students. School fees and payments are being managed too. On the Matriculation part, The list of students' names is shown with its status and the status of its ledger.

The finance personnel can update the Matriculation in terms of the changes in School fees and payments of each student. The Action/option buttons are the ones that provide choices of actions that the finance person wants to do.

The subject section is a list of all subjects taken to keep track of the schedule and to have a systematic way of changing rooms for every year and section. While the Initial Payment Status indicates the initial payment of the students or simply a deposit that the customer/parent pays as a starting point of the transaction between them and the school.

An additional Fee is created to modify or indicate other sub-fees that are not listed or saved in the system and payment methods that are different from other major fees. The discount is for the deduction of the cost amount that the customer/client should pay. This happens if the school/university set rules of payment for every student.  An example of this rule is when there is more than one student from the same family. If there are siblings who both study at a certain school/university their parents will be given a discount on specific school fees.

A default fee is the type of fee that is not paid by the students at the given time. These fees are listed with the name of an account, cost center, due date, discount, amount, and down payment to sum up all information needed to organize records of data and transactions.

The images below signify other forms of fees and payment methods.

A charge/charges are taken when the school demand or simply ask for payment for the additional services or supplies they've given. It also means that the other party is charged for violating or disobeying some rules and regulations that the school implements.

The previous Balance breakdown summarizes the overall transactions of both parties. From the total amount to balance, additional fees, downpayment, and total.

Term fees are for the type of fees given in terms of examinations. Each minor and major examination has an equivalent amount.

The payment section is where the finance person can allocate the amount of payment. While the adjustment is where the finance person can adjust and change the due date.


In this part of the College Account, the finance person can edit, change or update some information on the Matriculation status of each student.

It has action/option buttons that allow the finance person to view or check necessary information before making some updates in the form. Basic personal information is a must when it comes to changes to avoid mistakes and to maintain the records.

Just like the matriculation part, a default account is an account that is not yet paid for certain school fees. In this part, the finance person can add additional fees that are not paid within the given time. The finance person can give comments as a reminder or an update on the status of the transaction.

BED Accounts

The BED account consists of Matriculation that is responsible for the fees, payments, and enrollment status of every student in School.

Matriculation For BED Students

Matriculation For BED Students is a process of accepting the children/youth as students of the School.

Buttons with highlighted green are used to search for a specific student.

School Year - Inputting the school year will bring you to the list of students who have to save data between the given period e.g. 2021-2022.

ID Number - This is a must if you only want to find a specific student, just type the student Id number then the system will display the name and record of the student with the same id number that you input. e.g. 20184567

Full Name - Another easy way to locate and find the student is by typing their full name in the system then just like the id number, the system will display the records or list of names that match the name that you inputted. e.g. Juan Jacinto

Level -  This indicates the grade level of the students. The system will display the list of names with the level that you entered. e.g. Grade 9

Customer Group - When finding a student sometimes you can leave the customer group button together with the territory alone, these two are only used if you searching for a certain group for other purposes.

Territory - This is mainly used by the administrator or admin of the school in processing a certain location within the range of their school.

Upon clicking the name of the students, this form will display,  it has certain boxes that automatically provide personal information from the saved data upon enrolling. On the upper right side of the screen, you will see the Resend payment link, Send officially enrolled, options button, and the submit button.

Resend payment link - Click this field when you want to resend the payment link to the parents, this might be in a form of SMS or email. If the finance person updates the fees and payment, they can send the payment link to the parent, this link will direct the parents/guardian to a tab that shows the total amount of payments and where to pay.

Send officially enrolled - This button will send an SMS to the parent or guardian informing them that their child is now officially enrolled in the school.

Options button - Just like the other option buttons these buttons allow you to view the records of the student.

With the given sample of additional fees, you can see that the system will automatically calculate the amount and categorize it into balance, total, discount, and initial payment.

This is a sample of schedules of payment for every student.


Tools is an instruments used to perform a specific task. Tools in school are used as an instrument to record the transaction and a way of sending the data/ information to the customer/client.

Billing Blast For BED and College

Billing Blast is a way or tool used to send a bill to the clients/students. This billing blast is in a form of email and SMS.

Sample list of SMS billing blasts to the customer.

School Name - This school name will automatically display.

Due Date - A set range time and date for the customer to pay their bills.

Text Message - It is the message that informs the parents/guardian about the status and schedules of the payment/bill.

Sender - the one who sends the message, in the school system it can be the registrar or other department that has the access.

Student - You need to input the student number e.g 20184657

Student Name - The full name of the student.

Contact -The name of the parent, guardian, or recipient.

Mobile Number - The number of the recipient.

Balance - The amount of money that you have or owed in school.

This is the Sample table for the recipient section.

Did you notice the button Add Row in every table? this add row allow you to have additional row to input additional information. New button is to make another list or account, while for the save button is to save the changes made by you and lastly the submit button is the approval or final take of every actions and transaction that you made.

Who has access?