It is a list of students willing to enroll and study in a specific School. They are called applicants for making and submitting a formal application at the school. In the applicant list, you will see the payment and enrollment status indicating whether the student is paid and accepted as a school enrollee.

Buttons with highlighted green are used to search for a specific student.

ID Number - is a must if you only want to find a specific student, just type the student Id number then the system will display the name and record of the student with the same id number that you input. e.g. 20184567

Incoming Level - this level indicates the grade level of the students. The system will display the list of names with the level that you entered. e.g. Grade 9

Full name - another easy way to locate and find the student is by typing their full name in the system then just like the id number, the system will display the records or list of names that match the name that you inputted. e.g. Juan Jacinto

School Year - Inputting the school year will bring you to the list of students who have to save data between the given period e.g. 2021-2022.

Payment Status - is a status or the condition of the payment. This payment status is classified into three unpaid,  payment link sent, and paid. Unpaid is indicated as not paid, which means that the student is not yet paid the school fee/initial payment. Payment link send is indicated as the payment is pending or the payment transaction is in the process because the link of payment status is being sent to the client which means that the registrar will wait for the payment to receive before updating the status, lastly, the Paid which means that the students have already completed or paid the school fees/initial payment.

Enrollment Status - is when the status of enrollment is categorized as undervaluation, partially reviewed, reviewed, and accepted. Underevaluation is when the student is being assessed or classified as an applicant. In this scenario, the registrar will only get the necessary documents and information needed for the application form from the applicants. Partially reviewed is like a pending status, which means that the enrollment is being processed but not yet complete. Reviewed is like a preapproved status means that the data is fully reviewed and the payment link is sent to the parents and has been approved but the customer/parents don't process the payment yet. Lastly, the Accepted status is when the assessment is completed, and the fees are paid. The student is now officially enrolled.

Status - it is classified as the New, transferee, returnee, and continuing. New, if the student is a first-time student of the school. Transferee if the student begins studying from the other school and continues it to the school. Returnee if the student went to school last year and returning applying the same course and year. Lastly, the word continuing means that the student continues their study in the same school.

This figure shows the sample application form for the applicants. Personal information and background are necessary for this form.

It includes the information from the previous school that the student attended and the necessary identification number. Together with medical declaration/information.

Family background is a must to contact the guardian in case of emergencies.

Lastly the necessary documents such as Card, Birth certificates, good morals, pictures, baptismal certificates, ESC certificates, etc.

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