Attendance Summary

An attendance summary is a type of report that summarizes and record every student's activity when it comes to attendance. Attendance Summary consists of the Number of days the students are absent, present, and late. This type of record is essential in tracking the student's behavior in school.

School Year - It's the period/time spent by the students inside the school or University. It is commonly measured yearly. Inputting the school year will bring you to the list of students who have to save data between the given period ( 2021-2022).

Quarter - divides a year into four categories such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Quarters is another name for the grading period. For Basic Education, the word grading/quarter is used (1st grading). For Higher Education, the school year categorizes into two to three semesters. Each semester has two quarters. e.g 1st and 2nd semesterer.

Note: The quarter is commonly composed of 10 weeks. The semester consists of 15 weeks.

Section - is a distinct group of students categorized by their grade level and the time they are accepted.

Adviser - a professional/teacher that facilitates the class and classroom. The first person who guides the students inside the school. They are the ones who record all the academic performance and characteristics of a student.

Strand - is the discipline indicated within a learning area. It divides the individual according to their intelligence and skills in the different academic fields. Put them together as they have the same approach to furthering their knowledge and capabilities in a specific academic area.  The education system has four main strands STEM, HUMMS, ABM, and GAS.

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