Class is a way for a school to organize all the students.  It categorizes the students by their grade level and sections for the school to easily manage all of their students and provide a better environment for their education.

ID Number - is a must if you only want to find a specific student just type the student Id number then the system will display the name and record of the student with the same id number that you input. e.g 20184567

Adviser - a professional/teacher that facilitates the class and classroom. The first person who guides the students inside the school. They are the ones who record all the academic performance and characteristics of a student.

Section - is a distinct group of students categorized by their grade level and the time they are accepted.

Adviser's Name - The full name of the adviser.

Room -The classroom where the student belongs.

Time Schedule - The scheduled time for every subject.

View Grades Performance - to view the overall performance data of each student in every subject.

Sample Grade Performance
Sample list of Students
Sample figure of Class Schedule

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