The clinic icon is responsible for keeping all the records that are focused on the health status and health issues that the student has. In this icon, is the list of all students who undergo medical attention and observation.  

Clinic Icon is divided into two; these are the Document type and Reports.

Document Type

Document Type consists of Clinic Note, Clinic Case Type, Medical Examination Record, and Medical History Case. Document Type is a set of annotated declarations that explains documents.

Clinic Note

A clinic note is one of the essential tools for documenting care. In common clinic notes, it includes the vital signs, diagnoses, medical history, immunization dates, lab data, imaging reports, and progress notes. While the clinic that is located in the school, focuses on the date of admission, the student's name together with the student's id number, the reason for a visit, notes regarding the check-up, and a concern. The nurse can also send an SMS to the parents/guardian by typing their Mobile numbers in the system.

Clinic Case Type

Clinic Case Type is about the cases that talk about the patient's illness or disease. It is commonly used to address the critical condition of a patient. It records the data gathered after a massive investigation. This type of document is commonly used by professionals or doctors because it discusses sensitive topics. Luckily the sample picture from the school reference had no records of Clinic Case Type. Remember that Clinic Case Type may be similar in the clinical cases in hospitals or other major organizations, but the doctor/nurse in school can use it to address the problem they saw in the student's condition upon the check-up/evaluation.

Medical Examination Record

In Medical Examination Record discuss the patient's clinical findings and diagnostics. It needs the student's name which is the patient and the name of the staff that records the findings or the nurse/doctor who check the students. Below the names info is shown, this box is used for the description or explanation about the findings of the nurse/doctor of the school in their patient/student.

Medical History Cases

Medical History Cases simply talk about the history of records of all students that have a medical examination record.

Report Type

From the word itself, a Report means a piece or summarized information that presents data. It is formal, short, and detailed information used to visualize and assess the problem easily.

Student Clinic Records

These are the records of all students who went to the clinic, it shows the list of names of students with the time and date they visit. To simply find the students you are looking for just input the necessary information such as the School year, student name, quarter, and clinic case type.

Clinic Case Count Query

This Count Query is a tool to verify and clarify things between the patient's guardian and nurse/doctor of the school in the observations and findings about the student's health. These are the records of the student and parent queries.

Clinic Case Summary

It is the summary records of the Clinic Case Type in a form of a list.

Medical History Profile

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