For a subject like MAPEH and TLE that has several sub-subjects,  grading systems might be different from other subjects. These subjects are called parent subjects which means that it is general and computing this is through its sub value or areas. For instance, MAPEH is composed of Music, Arts, P.E, and Health, and TLE is composed of four areas these are Home Economics, Agricultural Arts, Industrial Arts, and Entrepreneurship.

In Combine Grades you will see the list of combined subject grades with filter, search button, and action buttons. In the list we have the title bar that pertains to the file name of the document commonly the title is based on the Subject, quarter, and school year it was made. Next is the status bar which indicates the status of the document if it is submitted or canceled. Section bar is a list of sections that the file pertaining to. You can also search in the search bar to easily find/identify a file you want to edit or update. Lastly the action buttons such as refresh, menu, and new. The menu button is used if you want to have access to the system or to the setup. The refresh button is when you want to reload/refresh the system. The button New is when you want to create or make a new file.

Sample Form in Creating New File

In making a new form/file you need to fill in the boxes to record the data/information. You will list the names of the students together with the Initial grade, and the final grade. Upon entering and inputting the needed information you can click the Save button to save the file, then the file that you made will be visible to the list of combine subject grade.


Sample File under MAPEH


Sample File under TLE

Parent Subject - is the general name of the subject e.g. MAPEH and TLE.

Section - is a distinct group of students categorized by their grade level and the time they are accepted.

School Year - It's the period/time spent by the students inside the school or University. It is commonly measured yearly. Inputting the school year will bring you to the list of students who have to save data between the given period ( 2021-2022).

Quarter - divides a year into four categories such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Quarters is another name for the grading period. For Basic Education, the word grading/quarter is used (1st grading). For Higher Education, the school year categorizes into two to three semesters. Each semester has two quarters. e.g 1st and 2nd semesterer.

Note: The quarter is commonly composed of 10 weeks. The semester consists of 15 weeks.

Table sample of Student's name and grades