The Enrollment Report icon holds the majority of the reports of the system which allows the admin to easily check and monitor the overall system.

Figure 1: Display form Upon clicking the icon

Upon clicking the Enrollment Reports Icon figure 1 will show. You will see all the reports that are connected to the enrollment process. From classes up to Daily Collection Report.

Figure 2: Sample Action Button

An action button consists of a menu, refresh, and new button. The Button Menu is used if you want to have access to the system or the setup of the system. The Refresh button is when you want to reload/refresh the system. The button New is when you want to create or make a new record or file.

Figure 3: Sample Search Bar

The search bar is used to search specific files, in the figure above the sample search bar is the ID number, subject name, section, instructor, and section code.

Figure 4: Sample Title Bar

A title bar is a part of a document/form that present the names and titles of every primary or general information—commonly used in the file names.

Figure 5: Sample Title For New form

You will know if the form is a new form if the file name located on the upper left side of the screen is "New Classes #" and the "Not Save" word.


Figure 6: Sample list form of Classes

Classes are a way for a school to organize all the students.  It categorizes the students by their grade level and sections for the school to easily manage all of their students and provide a better environment for their education.

Figure 6.1: Sample Form for Generating new File
Figure 6.2: Sample Form for Generating new File (continuation)

Student List

Figure 7: Sample list of Students

The student list is a list or record of all students who currently study in the school.

Figure 7.1: Sample page for New Student

Figure 7.1 is a sample form if you want to make another or new student in the list, you can edit it too on the full page where you can put more information about the student. after inputting the necessary information click the save button to save the data.

Batch Class List

Figure 8: Sample page for Batch Class List

Enrollment Count

Figure 8.1: Sample page(table) for Enrollment Count
Figure 8.2: Sample list of choices for the x field of a chart
Figure 8.3: Sample chart

Student Count WC

Figure 9: Sample page (table) for Student Count

Prospectus with Grades

Figure 10: Sample page (table) for Prospectus with Grades

Subject Statistics Report

Figure 11: Sample page (table) for Subject Statistics Report

Subject List

Figure 12: Sample page (table) for Subject List

Subject List by Subject

Figure 13: Sample page (table) for Subject List by Subject

Enrollment Promotional Report

Figure 14: Sample page (table) for Subject List by Subject

Deans List

Figure 15: Sample page (table) for Deans List

A dean's list is a list of students who show or demonstrate good performance in academics.  To be part of the Dean's list the student must attain or reach the set standard grade (GPA) of the dean. If you are a dean lister it means that you exhibit good performance in academic activities.