The word enroll means to insert, recruit or enter. Enrolling in schools and Universities means registering or listing incoming students in the organization. Pre - Enroll implies that an incoming student will be assessed by the registrar through their credentials and documents.

In Pre-enroll Icon you(registrar) can view a list of students applying for a new school year in your school. You can make new ones for incoming students.

Figure 1: Welcome page of Pre-Enroll Icon

When you click the Icon you will see a list of full names of the student together with the status and incoming level. The Search Bar, action button, and modified button.

The search bar is used to search specific files, in the figure above the sample search bar is the ID number, full names, and incoming level of the students.

An action button comprises a menu, refresh, and new button. The Button Menu is used if you want to have access to the system or the setup of the system. The Refresh button is when you want to reload/refresh the system. The button New is when you want to create or make a new record or file.

The Modified Button is used when you want to search a certain file. Instead of scrolling and spending half of your time searching for a certain file, you can simply click the modified button. This categorizes in last modified on, full name, created on, and most used.

The Status is to indicate the standing or position of the students. Status is composed of New, Transferee, Returnee, and Continuing.

Figure 2: Types of Status

New status, if the student is a first-time student of the school. Transferee status if the student begins studying from the other school and continues it to the school. Returnee status if the student went to school last year and returned to apply for the same course and year. Lastly, the word continuing status means that the student continues their study in the same school.

Figure 3: Sample Form of new Enroll

Figure 3 is a sample form upon clicking the new button. It allows you to enter a new record of the students applying for the school. Enter the necessary information and the needed attachment. You will know if the form is a new form if the file name located on the upper left side of the screen is "New Enroll 1" and the "Not Save" word.

Figure 4: Sample Form of new Enroll
Figure 5: Sample Form of new Enroll

Save the form to save the data that you have entered.

On the last part of the form, you will see the data privacy policy form which explains and discuss the privacy policy in collecting and protecting the data of the school and clients.

Click the submit for evaluation to begin the evaluation of the student applicants.

Upon clicking the submit button this message box will display, it indicates the period of processing the application. mark check the acknowledge box then click submit. If you have not checked the form you can simply click the close button and then repeat the process of submitting the form for evaluation.