A Project Sign Off letter means a formal turnover/acceptance of the system results by the client who agrees that everything that the school had been expecting (according to contract and other specifications) is delivered and hence the job of the team is completely finished. Otherwise, the school has lacking data that needs to be submitted to the team.

The team will give a Certificate of Completion after the hands-on training to the school that can be used for academic accreditations and certifications.


The objective of this is to ensure that clients don’t request major revisions/customizations at the end and stretch the system’s scope or timeline. This will also help build trust and create accountability. If all deliverables have been signed off by their deadlines, clients will have a much easier time trusting the team’s capabilities.

This letter should be sent through email to the following school staff/heads:

  1. School Director/School Administrator/President
  2. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  3. School Principal (BED)

Note: After sending through email, the salesperson in charge of the school should help the Customer Success Managers or Project Managers inform the recipients of this letter through text message or call.