The proof of payment Icon is a list of copies or recorded transactions of the student's payment which indicates that a client is paid and the transactions have happened.

Figure 1: Welcome page of Proof of Payment Icon

When you click the Proof of Payment you will see the figure above. It contains a list of students' names, Id numbers, the status of payment, and the attached file as proof. Action buttons consist of the menu, refresh, and new button these buttons will allow you to make changes in the system, list, and the saved file. The menu button is used for permissions and customization, the refresh button is used to simply reload or refresh the system, and lastly, the new button is for making a newly recorded file or editing or updating the status of the file.

Figure 2: Sample Form of new Proof of Payment Record

Figure 2 is the sample of a form when you click the new button. It allows you to enter a new record of the student's proof of payment. Enter the necessary information and attach the file that shows the payment transaction of the students or the receipt. You will know if the form is a new form if the file name located on the upper left side of the screen is "Proof Of Payment 1" and the "Not Save" word. Save the form and click the submit proof of payment to submit the proof of payment.

Figure 3: Draft Status of Proof of Payment File

The draft status indicates that the file is not yet finished, finalized, and submitted. Figure 3 shows the sample form for the draft status, as you can see in the figure the file name is based on the student's name and the status is draft. In that form, you will see the submit button that lets you submit the file. A breakdown table that presents the item and its amount, also allows you to re-enter or enter another item that needs to be paid. To add another row simply click the button add row. On the last part of the form, you will see the amount that is paid.

Figure 4: Submitted Status of Proof of Payment File

Submitted status is when the file is already finalized and submitted. Unlike in figure 3 you will see in figure 4 that the submit button is replaced by the cancel button which indicates that you can cancel the submitted file for a valid reason. Just like in figure 3 submitted form has a breakdown table that shows the bills, balance, and the amount paid.

Figure 5: Canceled Status of Proof of Payment File

Canceled Status is when you cancel the submitted file for a valid reason. You will see the "submit" button that lets you re-submit the form after making some changes and updating the form. Like the other two statuses, the canceled status has also the breakdown table and amount paid.