Spreadsheets are used to hold numerical data and short texts. It is a type of document that presents short or summarized data in a table form. Sometimes spreadsheets are made through excel which provides data entry and automatic calculations of data. This spreadsheet icon is for the SHS student's records of marks or grades of their performance inside the school.

When you click the Icon, this form will display, it shows a list of Senior High School Spreadsheets that contains sheets/records of attendance, conduct, or grade. On the upper right side, we have the action buttons these are Menu, Refresh, and New. The Menu is for the permission of the user and customizations. Refresh is for the reloading or refreshing of the system. Lastly, the New button is for creating or producing another sheet/file.

When you click the New button the figure above will show, it allows you to make another file by collecting necessary information about the new file.

When you are done simply click the button "Save" to save the file or the request sheet to process the request.

Upon saving and requesting the new file, the title and its status will change based on the filename that you entered. If you see the status "requesting" it means that the file is saved and being requested.