Setting Up the Web Page

Step 1: Go to "Web Page List"

Step 2: Click "New"

Step 3: Input the title and route of the webpage. Also check the published checkbox.

Step 4: Input the content of the payment instructions.

Step 5: After filling out all the information, click the “Save” button.

Setting Up the Skip Route

Step 1: Go to School Settings

Step 2: Click Billing Settings

Look for Paymongo Section

Step 2: Input the link route in the “Skip Route” field. Enter your portal link (e.g. and add the routr of the create web page ( e.g. /welcome)

Step 3: After inputting the information, click the “Save”

Setting Up Skip Note

Step 1: Scroll down and look for Payment Skip Note. Input the bank details and others

For alignment you can use these html codes:

<br>                 = break line or new line
<b> </b>          = bold text
<u> </u>          = underline
&nbsp;             = space