Using your school portal you may send announcements via sms.


  1. The sender  of the SMS Blast is a mobile number ( Using SMS blast, the recipient will received your message and a sender is a mobile number)
  2. For local number only, parents, guardian, that is using mobile number none Philippine mobile number will not received your Message.

To access SMS Blaster, Click the SMS Blast Icon in your Desk View or Search SMS blast and choose SMS Blast List

Click "New".

  • Add Content - This is where you type your message.
  • Custom Recipients - If you plan to send a text message to the teachers, input their numbers here.
  • Section - Select a section if you want to send a message to a certain Class section.
  • Level - Select a grade level if you want to send a message to a certain grade level.
  • Student Table - if you click "Add new row", a text box will appear inside the table. You can type in the name of selected students you want to send a message to.

If you want to send the message, click Save > Submit.