Grades are marks that are achieved by the students from the assessment of their performance in school. Grades are written in numbers with the corresponding descriptions in each level. Grades are the output of students' performance inside the classroom in each subject.

Submit Grades Icon is a list of Grading Sheets containing students' names and grades. Here you can view, put or change the information in the grading sheets.

In the list, you will see the title of the sheets and their status. The status is defined as  Draft, For approval, and Approved. "Draft" Status is when the file or the record is not yet finished and finalized. "For Approval" Status is when the file is already finished and ready for approval. Lastly "Approved" status is when the attendance sheets are already finalized and approved.

If you click a grading sheet with the Draft status you will see this form. This form has basic information about the file. It has a button Submit Grades Guide that pertains to submitting the grading sheet file for approval.

The button Actions is used to identify if the sheets are for approval or being approved.

The Button Menu is used if you want to have access to the system or to the setup of the system.

Sample list of grades in Draft Status

When you Scroll down you will see a list of students' names together with their Gender, Initial Grade, Numerical Grade, Grade, Final Average, and Marks. In every sheet "Click here to upload" button is always present to authorize you in uploading the grades in the portal.

If you click the sheet with the "For Approval" Status you will see a form that contains basic information about the file, unlike the draft button that has three buttons on the upper right side of the screen. The "for approval" sheet has four buttons, and the fourth button is the "Cancel Entry" that pertains to canceling the approval and it will become a draft.

Sample list of grades in For Approval Status

Just like the "for approval" sheets, Approve status has the basic information about the file and four buttons such as Menu, Actions, Submit Grades and Cancel Entry.

Sample list of grades in Approved Status