Before you can view a student's grades, you must first do all of the following; set grading settings, change School Year WC dates, and enable show grades on portal on students Enrollee/WC entry.


Set Grading Settings

You need to setup grading settings at "Grading Settings WC" first. Click School Settings icon.

You will then be directed to this site, check the terms needed to display in view grades.

After checking all the fields, click "Save" to apply changes.

Change School Year WC Dates

To change 'School Year WC' dates, go to School Settings icon.

You will then be directed to this page, click on which year you want to see grades on.

After clicking on a school year, scroll down and look for the "VIEW GRADES PORTAL" section.

Now set dates on what grades you want to view.

After setting the dates, click "Save" to apply the changes.

Enable "Show Grades on Portal" on Students Enrollee WC Entry

To enable "Show Grades on Portal" for students, go to Enrollment icon and select Enroll.

You will then be directed to this page, search for the student you want to view grades on at the "Full Name" field. You can then click on the entry.

After clicking on the entry, scroll down and look for "Show Grades in Portal".

You must then set it to "Yes".

After setting it to "Yes", click "Save" to apply changes.


To view grades, go to Enrollment and select Grades.

You will then be directed to this page, fill in the details in the highlighted field.

After filling in the details, the grades of the student will then appear.

To view the format, click Menu then Print

Select Orientation, If you want to include your preferred letterhead, click the with letterhead option and select letterhead. then hit submit.

Press Ctrl+P to Print