Account Setup    

In the Account Setup, you can modify changes to the general setup of the school, monitor previous and present accounts, and set plans for Basic and Higher education depending on your school in the preparation for a new academic year. It consists of three categories depending on your school namely: System,     BED(Basic Education), and College.

Accounting Reports

Accounting reports contain a financial status statement periodically, which means that it is a compilation of all transactions and operations that happen inside the school system regarding finances at a certain time. Accounting reports are commonly focusing on income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Accounts Finance

Account finance is part of the Accounting process, it just that it focuses on matriculation and billing blast for both BED and College. Here the authorized personnel can change or update the status of enrollment of the students depending on the status of payment into submission, draft, or canceled.


The applicants are the students/children and youth whose willing to study in school. They are called applicants because they need to make or submit a formal application to become a student of a certain school. In this formal application, the student must input the needed information, it only applies if the transaction is online, if not just simply fill out the given form. Aside from the applications, the student is expected to submit their documents or records of academic accomplishments and reports for their credentials.

Take note that submitting an application is just only a part of the  pre-enrollment process. The applicants are not considered students of the school unless the status of enrollment is changed and accepted by the registrar.

Attendance Summary

In attendance summary, the overall records of the student's attendance are stored or saved. The attendance summary contains a report showing the number of days of absences, presence, late, and reasons for not attending the class of a student. It is made for monitoring and tracking the student's activities inside the school to ensure the productivity and morale of the students in studying.


Class is a list of grade levels and sections with corresponding teachers/advisers. Each year it contains a list of all students that have the same grade level and section. It also has a schedule for each subject and teacher. The adviser can view the grades of performance of the students where the teacher can easily identify if the No. of students are either increasing or decreasing the subject grade quarterly, the chance of learning the subjects low or high. Furthermore, the adviser can set or generate a spreadsheet for certain purposes.


The clinic is divided into two categories the document type and the reports. In the documents type, it consists of clinic notes that can send a note and status summary of a patient/student to the parent or guardian regarding the condition of the student through SMS and email. Another action under the document type is the Clinic case type which covers the collection of patients with the same characteristics in terms of the disease or status, operations, and treatments. Aside from that document type has this Medical examination record wherein it records the observations in the student/patient and the administration of drugs and test results. Lastly, the Medical history cases that are responsible for providing a list of medical events/cases that happened in the school.  While for the other part of the clinic system under the category of reports consists of Student clinic reports, clinic case count queries, clinic case summaries, and Medical history profiles.

Combine Grades

For a subject like MAPEH and TLE that has several sub-subjects,  grading systems might be different from other subjects. These subjects are called parent subjects which means that it is general and computing this is through its sub value or areas. For instance, MAPEH is composed of Music, Arts, P.E, and Health, and TLE is composed of four areas these are Home Economics, Agricultural Arts, Industrial Arts, and Entrepreneurship. In Combine Grades you will see the list of combined subject grades with filter, search button, and action buttons.


The Consultations interface consists of collections of opinions, intentions, proposals, agreements, and arguments. The user has the access to read these concerns and view their status to formulate a solution.


In the Course interface icon, you can add a course from the existing list of courses or you can create a new one.

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Disciplinary Notes

A disciplinary note interface is where a school wants to address a student's behavior. it consists of 2 parts: Documents and Reports. Documents are the collection of anecdotal notes and students' information. Reports are the collection of students' violations in school. It consists of Student Anecdotal Records, Violation count Query, and Violation Summary. Anecdotal notes are used to record specific observations of individual student behaviors, skills, and attitudes as they relate to the outcomes in the program of studies.  Violation Summary summarizes all students involved in violation within a specified school year and quarter/semester. The user can view their violations and the total number they accumulated. Violation Count Query determines students involved in a specific violation and counts the number of times they did in that violation.

Enrollee Customer

Enrollee Customer is the list of students that have registered after pre-enrollment. Normally student information from pre-enrollment is sent as a draft and received by cashier/finance users.


Enrollment is the process of application of students to school. Students can be varied either new, transferee, or old. For college students, it involves College Enrollment and College Reports. While Basic Education involves Basic Education Enrollment and Basic Education Reports.

Enrollment Reports

The Enrollment Report icon holds the majority of the reports of the system which allows the admin to easily check and monitor the overall system. Upon clicking the Enrollment Reports Icon, you will see all the reports that are connected to the enrollment process. From classes up to Daily Collection Report.

Enrollment Setup

Enrollment setup is used for the organization and arrangement of enrollment. It allows you to rearrange and add another file for schedules and subjects. Enrollment Setup is divided into three categories (1) the Prospectus is a documented statement about the activities that the school offer. It describes the activities inside the school e.g. admission process. (2) Creating schedules is for creating and generating new schedules that base on the number of students, subjects, and sections. (3) Creating subjects is for creating and generating new subjects that base on the course and year level of the students. Creating and providing subjects help the students to their academic performances, and have a better understanding of different issues and problems.

General Request


Grading Icon is the general term for all files and documents that deal with the grades, attendance, and conducts in the system. Grading Icon has five sub-topic that covers different files or reports regarding different approach in the grading system. It comprises 5 different topics and 13 sub-topic. It has the (1) submission that presents the list of all submitted grading sheets, conduct, and attendance. Conduct sheets are the list of students in a particular grade and section that have and will be graded according to their characteristics or conduct. (2) Senior High like the Strand that is described as a part of a track, the word "tracks" in a school organization is defined as the phasing where students are divided into different academic or approaches to enhance their skills and knowledge in a specific field. There are different tracks these are Academic, Arts and Design, Sports, Technical, and Vocational. The track is composed of different strands for instance in an Academic track there are STEM, ABM, GAS, and HUMSS. etc.


ID Management

Late Students

Late Students Graph


Master sheets


The word enroll means to insert, recruit or enter. Enrolling in schools and Universities means registering or listing incoming students in the organization. Pre - Enroll implies that an incoming student will be assessed by the registrar through their credentials and documents.

In Pre-enroll Icon you(registrar) can view a list of students applying for a new school year in your school. You can make new ones for incoming students. When you click the Icon you will see a list of full names of the student together with the status and incoming level. The Search Bar, action button, and modified button.


Promissory Note

Proof of Payment

The proof of payment Icon is a list of copies or recorded transactions of the student's payment which indicates that a client is paid and the transactions have happened. It contains a list of students' names, Id numbers, the status of payment, and the attached file as proof. It allows you to enter a new record of the student's proof of payment. Enter the necessary information and attach the file that shows the payment transaction of the students or the receipt.


School Calendar Event

School Feeds

School feeds are the updated event or happenings that will be performed for the following day, week, or month. School Feeds are like news feeds that aware the students and staff of the school regarding the activities that will happen. In School Feeds you will see the list of all feeds together with status and action buttons.


Spreadsheets are used to hold numerical data and short texts. It is a type of document that presents short or summarized data in a table form. Sometimes spreadsheets are made through excel which provides data entry and automatic calculations of data. This spreadsheet icon is for the BED student's records of marks or grades of their performance inside the school.  (primary to junior high school).

Spreadsheets SHS

This spreadsheet icon is for the SHS student's records of marks or grades of their performance inside the school. It shows a list of Senior High School Spreadsheets that contains sheets/records of attendance, conduct, or grade.

Staff DTR

Student DTR

Submit Attendance

Submit attendance is a place/tool where teachers can submit and upload the overall record of their student's attendance. It presents a list of attendance sheets showing the spreadsheet's status and the date it was created. A  list of spreadsheets is displayed upon clicking the Submit attendance icon.  You will see the title of a file and its status, quarter, and month it was created.

Submit Conduct

Conduct is the manner or behavior of the students inside the classroom and school. The characteristics of the students are being assessed by the adviser and teachers.

Submit Grades

Grades are marks that are achieved by the students from the assessment of their performance in school. Grades are written in numbers with the corresponding descriptions in each level. Grades are the output of students' performance inside the classroom in each subject.

Submit Grades Icon is a list of Grading Sheets containing students' names and grades. Here you can view, put or change the information in the grading sheets.

Submit Grades SHS

Submit Grades SHS Icon is a list of Grading Sheets containing students names and grades of Senior High School Students. Here you can view, put or change the information in the grading sheets.

View Grades