This tool organizes and centralizes all student and family data as well as other documents associated with each student starting from the time the student enrolls into the school. Access to a student's file including personal data, contact information, health records and grades for each level can be done with a single click of a button.


This tool lets educators document and track disciplinary incidents, maintain related records, notify parents of infractions, and produce reports, notices, forms and other documents. Starting from the classroom level, teachers can record anecdotes of students' misbehaviors which can be viewed directly by the Prefect for appropriate action and intervention.


This is an easy-to-use, web-based gradebook designed according to the standards of Department of Education. Subject teachers can access their gradebooks at any time and input raw scores of quizzes, assignments and projects of students as they are given. Computation of grades is done in an instant and the generation of report cards is handled conveniently by the system.


This is a text blast tool that the school can use to broadcast important information to students, parents and teachers. The system is capable of sending SMS even to recipients numbering to thousands making communication from school-to-home even more easier.


Student ID Cards shall use RFID technology to monitor daily school attendance. Upon entry to school, students shall tap their school IDs on the reader to record and log attendance information. It can track late entries, early outs and presence in school premises. Automatic status notifications are sent to parents via SMS.

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