• Make sure the entire enrollment process has been completed.
  • Finalize class list for BED students.
  • Finalize enrollment ledger for College students.

Step 1: Open “Account Sender Silid v2”.

Step 2: Choose a school type either “Basic Ed” or “College”.

Step 3: Select an account type “Student” or “Teacher”.

Step 4: Choose to Send Type between “Individual” or “Batch”.

Step 5: Select a school year to update.

Step 6: Choose a particular grade level.


  • To set one password for all.
  • To update or reflect newly added subjects.
  • To move class cards of the previous school year from the dashboard to the archive list. Applicable only for existing accounts. ( Manually created class cards need to be manually removed.)
  • To create a homeroom class section.
  • To avoid duplication of sending silidLMS credentials.

Step 7: Save inputs.

Step 8: Click on the Send Account button to proceed.


  • Create an Admin account.
  • Emergency change password.