School Administrators

These are the kind of people who is responsible for managing the School Organization. They are the ones who make decisions and plan for the benefit of the school. They are organized and systematic in planning and making important decisions. They are goal-oriented and the one who directs necessary action to control and manage the school

Post School News Feed on Mobile App

School News Feed is the school's recent activity posted on School Feeds icon and/or on selected SMS numbers.

Post in School Calendar

* Search in the search bar and look for "School Calendar Event List" * Click "New" to make new School Calendar Event for Mobile App. * Input the necessary information to create a school calendar event. * After you are done inputting the necessary information please click "Save" and "Submit".

How to Generate Staff DTR

We can keep track of the staffs attendance through our Staff DTR Report. The steps below will help us on how to generate this report. Step 1: Login to your portal Step 2: on the search bar above, type in "Student DTR" Step 3: Click "Report Staff DTR" You will

How to Generate Late Staff Today

Generating the list of late staffs in a day can be done easily. Simply follow these steps below. STEP 1: Login on your school portal. STEP 2: Search for Registration Settings and select the result with the same name. STEP 3: Scroll Down and find the STAFF LATE section, Enter

Super Admin Application

Super Admin App provides administrators direct access to important school statistics for faster and more convenient community management. These are the steps to follow to have your school's Super Admin App ready. STEP 1: How to Use the Super Admin App Download the Super Admin Mobile App STEP 2: Open

WELA Analytics

Class Subject Grade Performance 1. Go to Class List to View Grades Performance Trend 2. Click View Grades Performance to open Analytics Count how many students whose grades on a particular subject is decreasing or increasing in every quarter * Filter School Year and Subject * Check Low or High or check

Setup Email Digest

Auto Email Attendance DAILY ATTENDANCE 1. Go to Email Digest List 2. Select Attendance Digest 3. Input the email of the recipient in Recipients field  Note: Email must be enclosed with double quotation ("") Put semicolon (;) as separator for multiple recipients 4. Click Save 5. Sample email received (can only receive

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