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How to Enroll Online with WELA: Basic Education

The first step of the enrollment process is for the parents and or the students to fill-out the enrollment registration forms online to provide their information. Follow these processes below for each level of students. Basic Education (Junior Kinder to Senior High):Enroll students online by following the link provided

View Grades on Portal (Basic Ed)

Pre-School to Grade 10Go to your school portal, then log in student account2.   Click View Grades icon. Senior High SchoolGo to your school portal, then login your student account.2.   Click View Grades icon. 3.   Select the semester that you would like to view, then click refresh on the upper

How to View Books

Step 1. Go to your school portal link with /books. ex. Step 2. Click Search. By default if the search bar is blank it will output all the books created Step 3. Click the title of the book

Track Student DTR on Mobile App

DTR list - Here you can monitor your child activity when your child have tap to the RFID Device IN/OUT. Once your child tap into the RFID device, it will store into the data of the DTR list in your Mobile App.Then you can monitor your child tap

View Messages on Mobile App

Messages - Here you can view the logs of every clinic visits, the violations of your child and recommendations. Click the "Message or Inbox icon" to view the Anecdotal, Clinic ang RecommendationsYou can filter the student and messages you want to view

View School Feeds on Mobile App

School feeds - This is where the Mobile app users will see the News and Announcement that the school made.You will be notified if there is News or Events in the School.

Register in Mobile App

For iOS and Android phone user, input your Mobile number or Email Address to register. If you are an outsider you can also download the mobile app and register. But you will have limited access to the Mobile app. You won't be able to access some feature in the mobile

Download Mobile App

News and Announcements - will allow you to see the new upcoming activities or Announcements at school.DTR List - Once your child tap into the RFID device, it will store into the data of the DTR list in your Mobile App. The DTR log will be able to save

Online Payments

Step 1. Once you (students) have received a text message containing the payment link, click the link and you will be redirected to this page. You may then select your preferred payment method. You may also click Other Payment Channels. Step 2. Click Select Payment Option and choose PALAWAN for

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