There are cases where subjects for each course have a unique rate per unit.
This documentation for WELA will have the steps for you to apply unique rates per subject that corresponds with the course assigned.

Start with assigning a base rate per unit on School Fees List.
To proceed follow these steps.

Step 1
Login to the portal using the accounts that can edit School Fees List settings, i.e. Administrators, Support, IT, and etc.

Step 2
After logging in, search "School Fees List" on the search bar at the upper right corner of the portal's desk. Click the result, School Fees List.

Step 4
The School Fees List page will be displayed once the result is clicked.

Step 5
Open an existing school fee by clicking a fee set on the list or create a new one by clicking the New button.

Step 6
Once you clicked an existing school fee or created a new one, assign the base rate per unit that will be charged.
Click Save and Submit Fees once done.

Example Rate Per Unit
1. Save 2. Submit Fees

Now that we assigned the base rate per unit.
We can now proceed to the unique rate per Course and Department

Follow these steps below for the setup of unique rate for each subjects.

By Course: Assigning Unique Rate per Unit on a Subject for Each Course
Step 1
Go to Subject Name List by typing on the search bar at the upper right corner the keywords "Subject name List" and click the result.

Step 2
You will be redirected to the Subject Name page.
Select a subject that you will assign a unique rate per unit for a selected Course.

Step 3
After selecting the subject, you will see all its details.
Find the Per Course section.

Step 4
Add the course that have a unique rate for the subject selected.

Step 5
Once done, click Save to record the changes.

These are all the steps in assigning the Unique Rate per Unit for each Course.

Now on the Matriculation, say for example a student is enrolled with the subject assigned with a fixed rate then the amount that will reflect will be the one you set if the student is under that course.

Matriculation: Base Rate (411.90) with 3 units
Matriculation: Subject with unique rate (500) with 3 units