The Coordinator or the department Head are the ones who facilitate every department. They are the ones who divide and assign every plan and activity to the teachers and staff. They make sure that the department is in control and organized by monitoring and managing the staff. They lead, train, and sometimes set goals to ensure the operations or activities happening inside the school are in order and systematic.

Post School News Feed on Mobile App

School News Feed is the school's recent activity posted on School Feeds icon and/or on selected SMS numbers. Your news feed represents the social face of your school, therefore posts need to be presented with care. Click the Icon "School Feeds" to view previous feeds or make new Feeds.

Post in School Calendar

* Search in the search bar and look for "School Calendar Event List" * Click "New" to make new School Calendar Event for Mobile App. * Input the necessary information to create a school calendar event. * After you are done inputting the necessary information please click "Save" and "Submit".

Combine Grades (BED)

* To access Combine Grades, click the respective icon of the subject. * The "Combine Grades" are for Grade School and Junior High, While the "SHS Combine Grades" is for Senior High only. To combine new grades click "New". Fill in necessary information * Parent Subject - determines which subject and grade level

Generate Master Sheet

* To generate Master Sheets, click on the "Master Sheet" Icon on your Home/Dashboard. (Master Sheet SHS if Senior High School) * Type in the name of the Section you want to view. The Adviser Name will automatically display after choosing a section. The table will be populated with data once

Input, Upload, Submit Grades

* Open the spreadsheet you downloaded, and from there, you may now fill in the grades of the students. Make sure you fill up the Highest Possible Score first so that the grades will be calculated. * You may also add columns for Written Work and Performance Tasks. * After inputing the grades

Sectioning of Students

Click the "Registration" icon from the portal's desk. * On the Registration Page, click "Sectioning" under Documents * To assign a student to a section, click "New". * Input the name of the student in the "Enrollee" text box, and click the "Section" box to assign the student * Click "Save" afterwards

How to Cancel/Amend Grades

To cancel/amend grades, click on this icon to view the list of grading sheets. You can also click on these filters for easy locating. After clicking on a grading sheet, you will then be directed to this page. To cancel/amend grades, click the actions button at the top-right

Setting up Specialized Subject List

Skip to main content [unsafe:javascript:;]Posts [] PublishedUpdate 1. Go to Specialized Subject List‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ 2.   Click “New” to Create/Edit Subject.‌ ‌ 3.   Input the Subject Code and Name.‌ ‌ 4.   Input the Grade Level and weights and components of the subject.

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