In this document we will tackle the difference between Subject Name and List College Subject List.
This is inorder to understand the process of WELA v2 when it comes to the creation of subjects, setup of units, units to charge and fees.

First let us site their similarities.

Both Subject Name List and College Subject contains the no. of units, subject code and description as well as the additional fees set. Their differences pertains to their usage.

First, Subject Name List is the module needed to setup the subject's units, units to be charged, subject code and subject description. One thing to note as well is that subjects need only to be set up once.

  1. To access, search Subject Name List on the search bar.

In here, it is best not to duplicate the subjects as shown on the sample below.

2. To setup a subject, click New and enter the details of the subject.

3. Click Save once done.

4. Additional Fees can also be assinged to a subject. on The Additional Fees table, click Add Row to add a rows or rows and enter the item and amount that will be charged when enrolled on this subject. Click save once done.

That is all how to setup subjects on Subject Name List.
Now let's continue to College Subject List and how the do we create one.

College Subject List does not need to be set manually, it will be automatically created once a subject is used in a sectioning.

Now, let us say we created one subject with subject code, PE 103, description, PHYSICAL ACT. TOWARDS  HEALTH FITNESS 1. on Subject Name List

On Sectioning WC, we will use that subject to a section for school year of 2021-2022 and semester of 1st semester.

On College Subject, it will copy all the details of the subject even the additional fees set on Subject Name list that was used on sectioning, the differences of College Subject is that it will now have a semester, school year and sections.

To access College Subject List, search College Subject List on the search bar.

Now, if the subject's details was altered, changed or edited on Subject Name List, it will not reflect on the College Subject previously created automatically. Instead, the latest alterations will only reflect on the next sectioning and will create another College Subject with different semester and school year.

See this sample below where the subject had an additional fee added to it and will be used on another semester for sectioning.

Subject Name List

Subject Name List with Additional Fees

Sectioning WC

College Subject List