Gantt Chart which contains the implementation plan shall be presented by the salesperson and to be completed by the implementation team, headed by the Project Manager of the school.

Link for sample Gantt Chart:

X SCHOOL - Schedule of Implementation
PHASE 1 Annex A - Schedule of ImplementationTITLE: X SCHOOL WELA IMPLEMENTATION PHASE 1Planned Start Month:Objectives,Expected Output,Activities/Tasks,April,May,June,July2,7,14,2-6,9-10,16-20,23-27,1-4,7-11,14-18,Break,4-6,11-15,18-22,25-29Consulation,Initial Requirements,Initial discussion...
Note: Make sure to check the timeline of the school first such as when they would want to launch or when their enrollment is. Also double-check their enrollment process as some schools have pre-enrollment, while others have a different process of enrollment.