College Dean

College Dean/Program Head are the ones who facilitate every department. They are the ones who divide and assign every plan and activity to the teachers and staff.

Create a Section/Block: Sectioning WC

Step 1 Login to your portal. Use the accounts that can edit School WC Setup. Step 2 Once you are successfully logged in, you will be redirected to your portal's desk. Search "Sectioning WC". or click the Enrollment Setup icon and select Create Schedules The Sectioning WC page will be

Allow Dean to Submit Enrollment Ledger

In WELA v2, we added an option to allow the Deans to submit the subject loads or Enrollment Ledger s of students. To do this, please follow the steps below. Steps on how to allow a Dean to submit Enrollment Ledgers. Step 1. Login to your portal [with College Registrar

Default College Enrollment Reports

College Enrollment Reports is a statistical tool that is used to monitor the population of officially enrolled students, Subjects, Schedules, and Teaching Load. It can be categorized by School year, Student year/level, semester, Class, subjects, Courses, Gender, etc. anything related to enrollment. College Reports College Report contains a list

View Grades on Portal

Step 1. Click the VIEW GRADES icon on your desktop If you didn't see this icon you can search "view grades" on the search bar. Step 2. Input the name of the student you want to view grades. Once you have selected the Student Name, his/her grades will automatically

Submit Grades (College)

Step 1. Click the icon SUBMIT GRADES If you didn't see this icon on your desktop, please type "GRADING WC" on the search bar above. Step 2. To submit a grade, click the draft or subject you want to grade. Step 3. Input the grades Step 4. Click Save. Then

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