Mobile App

All you need to know about Wela School System Mobile App.

Mobile Payment App

To use and do Transaction with Wela Payment, follow these steps below. STEP 1: Open Google Play Search for Wela Mobile Payment. STEP 2: Click Install. STEP 3: Open the app and enter the School URL and click the Save button. after clicking save, a keypad to enter amount to

Super Admin Application

Super Admin App provides administrators direct access to important school statistics for faster and more convenient community management. These are the steps to follow to have your school's Super Admin App ready. STEP 1: How to Use the Super Admin App Download the Super Admin Mobile App STEP 2: Open

Wela Attendance App

Teachers can effortlessly track class attendance using RFID technology, ensuring efficient monitoring 1. Download WELA Attendance App Android: iOS : 2. Copy Device ID from App 3. Go to Section List and

Update Average Decimal Places in Mobile App

1. Go to Mobile Settings then input value on Averaging Show Decimal Places Mobile App and Averaging NOTE:  Averaging Show Decimal Places Mobile App = shows how many decimal places to be displayed  Averaging = round off to the nearest decimal 2. Login in Mobile App 1. Go to Grades 4. Select

Daily Canteen Collection Report

Canteen Payment Transactions will reflect here 1. Search Daily Canteen Collection Report 2. Filter date 3, Click Menu > Print to view the format Format:

Setup Super Admin Account

1. Go to 2. Click Add (+) button 3. Admin Details: input Mobile Number, Full Name, Position, and Gender 4. Add Url: input Url and Select Type 5. Click Add button For Select Type: WELA V1 Select what type of billing 6. Then click Save button 7.

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