Login with specify school URL

-Username and Password based on specified school url

Message Prompt 'Not Authorized User'

-Added a message prompt if the username and password is incorrect.

New Features:

Generate CSV File Export

- Only the School Admin and RFID team have the permission to generate CSV files from Enrollees and School Employees dashboard to users computer.

1. On your computer create a New Folder that will serve as a path for the CSV pictures when exporting then copy the path file location.

Note: It is necessary to add chrome extension CORS(Access-Control-Allow-Origin) to successfully export the CSV data to the user's computer.

2. Go to https://chromewebstore.google.com/ type Cors on the search bar.

3. Click the Add to Chrome button then click Add extension.

4. Open the RFID Checker App and go to Extensions then click CORS as extension.

5. Toggle on CORS to allow the browser to download CSV data from the server.

6. Open the RFID Checker App then go to Settings.

7. Paste the path file location then click save.

8. School Admin and the RFID team can easily by batch export Enrollees and School Employees just by clicking Export List.

9. After clicking the Export List, select the New Folder you created to save the CSV pictures.

10. Click edit files to start downloading CSV data and CSV pictures.

Note: The downloaded CSV excel file can now be accessed on the user's computer downloads tab and the CSV pictures are located at the new folder.

Batch Cancel

-Provides efficiency for users and avoids individual cancellation of selected enrollees and school employees. 

1. Go to For Approval dashboard, click the check box to set by batch then click Cancel.