College Cashier

Cashiers are responsible for taking payments and providing or issuing a receipt for every transaction that happens in the school cafeteria and stationery section. They also keep track of all cash and card transactions.

Tellering V2

To process payment, Lets setup first the options to be set so that the new Tellering v2 will appear. You can go to Billing Settings first by searching it in the search bar in Wela 2. While you're in Billing Settings Form, kindly check Disable Sales Invoice creation and hit

A Step by Step Process for College (from Enrollment to payment)

The first step of the enrollment process is for the parents and or the students to fill-out the enrollment registration forms online to provide their information. Follow these processes below for each level of students. How to Enroll College Level ApplicantsFor college level applicants, another set of link and enrollment

How to Submit Proof of Payment

Once a proof of payment entry has been saved by the students, head to "Proof of Payment List". You will then be directed to this page, click on the entry your student uploaded. Once clicked, you must then check the details of the entry to check what the student has

Daily Collection Report v2

Step 1: Click Tellering Report icon Step 2: Input Date Step 3: To print the collection report, click Menu > Print Step 4: Select Orientation and click Submit

Mobile Payment App

To use and do Transaction with Wela Payment, follow these steps below. STEP 1: Open Google Play Search for Wela Mobile Payment. STEP 2: Click Install. STEP 3: Open the app and enter the School URL and click the Save button. after clicking save, a keypad to enter amount to

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