• Added school year in student details.

It will be easier to identify student details and school year information.

  • Added admin settings.

 To enhance admin functions.

  • Added search student/employee functions.

Helps users find students/employees without navigating through the entire site.

  • Added sync data from the enrollee list.

Allow users to view the same data of student/teacher.

  • Added reports tab.

To present the RFID data for users.

  • Added a dropdown.

To show the number of lists to be generated per page.


  • Added checkbox.

Filtering reprint student/employee.

  • Added the school name when logging in the RFID checker.

To identify what school data is displayed  on RFID.

  • Added export button in delivery.

Able to export the list of names and levels that will be delivered.

  • Added role permission. 

Able to have user access to RFID Checker.

  • Added search by tapping RFID.

By tapping on the RFID reader student/teacher info will display on the RFID checker.

  • Added dropdown.

 To show lacking and not lacking info of students.

  • Added backout/withdrawn students.

To display only the unwithdrawn students.

  • Read only specific fields set by registration settings.

To distinguish fields that are mandatory and read only.

  • Added view of image 

To display the uploaded image in the portal.

  • Added upload image and signature.

 To display the info of the student/teacher.

  • Added comment box.

 To leave comments before reprinting.

  • Added date time delivery per transact.

To be able to track the delivery schedule of RFID

  • Added tracking number for the delivery.  

To be able to identify the type of device to deliver and to monitor its status.

  • Added by batch transaction per tabs except draft /reprinting function.

To have easier approval of transactions.

  • Added button for reprint.

To successfully reprint student/teacher rfid.

  • Enable ID font. 

To be able to set fonts all capitalize or small letters for export csv process.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fixed grade level filtering issue.
  • Bug fixed broken uploaded image.
  • Bug fixed no data display.
  • Bug fixed add note for allowed file extensions to upload.
  • Bug fixed merge dev-welav2 to staging.
  • Bug fix validation submit when editing student/teacher.
  • Bug fixed on saving of image and signature at the same time.
  • Bug fixed delivered ID can’t proceed if school was not set to delivery settings 

under admin settings.

  • Bug fixed filtered "no lacking" but there’s still existing data in lacking details.
  • Bug fixed hide reprinting if the user is a teacher.