College Registrar

The registrar is responsible for managing the records of the student such as academic results, financial accounts, registration process, class enrollment, and evaluating the student's credentials.

Dissolve a Subject

Step 1. Verify first if the Enrollment Ledger and Matriculation has been submitted with the enrolled subject. To select a ledger click the "Enrollment" icon and select Add Subjects under College Enrollment. Step 2. After submitting the Enrollment Ledger and Matriculation, try to dissolve the enrolled subject in that section.

View Class List

STEP 1. Click ENROLLMENT ICON STEP 2. If you clicked the Enrollment Icon, select Class List under College Reports STEP 3. Input the School Year and semester you want to view. Then check the show student name box. You can also filter it by course, Year level, Class (Subject), Professor/

Enrollment Ledger Update

Users can now choose what school year and semester they can enroll a student. This guide is for schools that opened multiple School Years and Semesters for their enrollment.

School Year and Semester WC Setup

Before we can proceed with selecting a semester and school year on an Enrollment Ledger, we need to follow these steps first in setting up the school year and semester.

Subject Crediting

You can credit via or After saving/submitting, matriculation will also be updated (including amount)

Request WC List

This document will be your guide as to creating requests for adding and dropping and showing the processes that will be affected in doing so. Follow these steps below to proceed. Step 1 Login to your portal. Preferably using the accounts provided for Registrars, Coordinators, Deans and or other staff

Auto Create Grading WC

In WELA v2, grading is much easier for college. For  when following a set of steps, a grading draft will be automatically created when creating a section. Follow these steps below. Step 1. Go to Sectioning WC Step 2. Create a new section by clicking New. Step 3. Enter the

Subject Name List and College Subject List

In this document we will tackle the difference between Subject Name and List College Subject List. This is inorder to understand the process of WELA v2 when it comes to the creation of subjects, setup of units, units to charge and fees. First let us site their similarities. Both Subject

Open Subjects or a Section for Picking

Enrollment Ledger and Sectioning WC Update WELA College v2 had an update with the Enrollment Ledger and Sectioning WC pertaining to the picking of subjects. The update helps determine if a subject or a block is open and available for picking. On the Enrollment Ledger, the AVAILABLE SUBJECT portion under

Allow a Section or Block to be Selected for Picking

Enrollment Ledger and Sectioning WC Update WELA College v2 had an update with the Enrollment Ledger and Sectioning WC pertaining to the picking of subjects. The update helps determine if a subject or a block is open and available for picking. On the Enrollment Ledger, the AVAILABLE SUBJECT portion under

Merge Sections to Transfer Students from a Section to Another

In WELA v2, we added an option to allow the Registrars to merge sections and transfer students from one section to another. To do this, please follow the steps below. Steps on how to merge sections to transfer students to another section. Step 1. Login to your portal [with College

How to Show Item on General Request Website

The following are the steps on how to setup a specific item to be displayed on General Request Website for customers to select as request. Step 1. Login to your portal Step 2. on the Search bar, type in "Item List" Step 3. Click an Item that you want to

Setting Up School Clearance

Setting Up Student Clearance Requirements  (Unsolved) 1. Go to Enrollment Icon. 2.   Click the School Clearance. 3.   Click the “New” button to create and assign a student for clearance requirements. 4.   Input the information such as student, date posted, department and reason of the unsolved/uncleared student. Figure 1. Figure

View Subject Statistics Report

Step 1: On your school portal, click the "Enrollment Reports" icon. Step 2: Once clicked, select Subject Statistics Report. Step 3: Input School year and Semester. Step 4: You can then select filters to show the report. Step 5: You can also choose a letterhead [

A Step by Step Process for College (from Enrollment to payment)

The first step of the enrollment process is for the parents and or the students to fill-out the enrollment registration forms online to provide their information. Follow these processes below for each level of students. How to Enroll College Level Applicants For college level applicants, another set of link and

Default College Enrollment Reports

College Enrollment Reports is a statistical tool that is used to monitor the population of officially enrolled students, Subjects, Schedules, and Teaching Load. It can be categorized by School year, Student year/level, semester, Class, subjects, Courses, Gender, etc. anything related to enrollment. College Reports College Report contains a list

Unique Rate per Course on a Subject

There are cases where subjects for each course have a unique rate per unit. This documentation for WELA will have the steps for you to apply unique rates per subject that corresponds with the course assigned. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start with assigning a base rate per unit on School Fees List. To

Disable Subject Discount

Using WELA, users can now disable tagging of discount to a specific subject. It will be used in assigning a discount on a matriculation and exempting specific sets of subjects from having a discount. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow these steps below to proceed. Step 1. Login to your school portal. Step 2.

Create a Section/Block: Sectioning WC

Step 1 Login to your portal. Use the accounts that can edit School WC Setup. Step 2 Once you are successfully logged in, you will be redirected to your portal's desk. Search "Sectioning WC". or click the Enrollment Setup icon and select Create Schedules The Sectioning WC page will be

How to Generate Student DTR

We can keep track of the students attendance through our Student DTR Report. The steps below will help us on how to generate this report. Step 1: Login to your portal Step 2: on the search bar above, type in "Student DTR" Step 3: Click "Report Student DTR" You will

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