Step 1. Open "Account Setup" icon

Select "School Fees" under College

If you didn't see this icon, type on the search box "SCHOOL FEES WC".

The page for school fees will be displayed specially the list of other fees.

Step 2. Click "NEW" on the upper right corner of the page.

Step 3. Fill out the fields for School Year, Year Level, Course and Semester.
The School Fees set will be applied to the student if they match with the four fields indicated here.

Step 4. To add fees, click the "Add Row" button, then type the item name and put the amount.

Note: If you type the item and you didn't see any item name in the suggestion/dropdown, click the "Create a new item" below to create an item.

Step 5. In creating an item, after you click "Create a new item", fill out the fields.

Item code and item name should be the same. Item group should be "services", default unit measure should be "Nos", then click SAVE.

Step 6. After you input all the items/fees and their amount, click "SAVE" on the upper right corner of the page then you have successfully created a school fee.