Implementation Process

Step-by-step procedures on how we implement our system into your school.

Step 1. Contract Signing and Downpayment

The salesperson and assigned project manager will have the contract signed with the partnered school. Note: Make sure to read thoroughly the contract signed by both parties to know the scope and terms of the project you are handling.

Step 2. Gantt Chart/Work Breakdown Structure

Gantt Chart which contains the implementation plan shall be presented by the salesperson and to be completed by the implementation team, headed by the Project Manager of the school. Link for sample Gantt Chart: X SCHOOL - Schedule of ImplementationPHASE 1 Annex A - Schedule of ImplementationTITLE: X SCHOOL WELA

Step 3. Identify key persons and get their contact details

Make sure to identify the people who are in charge of the different departments where you will be needing data and information. Google form will be forwarded to the school to get their contact details. The implementation team will collect the responses while the salesperson shall be the one to

Step 4. Data Gathering

Gather all necessary data from the school. A salesperson will then be helping the implementation team in communicating the necessary data needed for implementation. Also, make sure to gather as early as now their customization requests. Make sure to let the school know: For College (Applicable only when the pandemic

Step 5. Set up the school's site.

Assigned Developers will set up the school site. Note: Make sure that each icon has been tested and each role has been tried on.

Step 6. Data Import

The implementation team must make sure to list down all data forwarded and ensure a copy of it will be signed by the school. Any other data not forwarded which will result in major system difficulties shall constitute a breach and Wela shall not be held liable. (This is why

Step 7. Apply Customizations

Make sure that every customization request is well documented and signed. The new policies shall be presented by the salesperson and any customization requests shall be forwarded to the assigned developer. Link for new policies: Google Docs – create and edit documents online, for free.Create a new document and edit

Step 8. Letter of Project Sign Off

The Letter of Project Sign Off.

Step 9. Schedule Training and Orientation

The salesperson in coordination with the implementation team must set a training/orientation for all key persons. Attendance should be noted to avoid any unwanted claims that they were not taught. Make sure to have them fill up an understanding form to make sure that they have understood the training.

Project Sign Off Notes

Project Sign Off description and objective.

Training Guide

A guide for training sessions.

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