STEP 1. Go to School Settings icon and click School WC

STEP 2. Change Per Unit Method of Charging to by subject

STEP 3. Click Save.

STEP 4. Click/Open the Account Setup icon and click Subjects

STEP 4.b. If you did NOT see this icon, you search on the search bar above, just type "SUBJECT WC List"

STEP 5. Click new on the upper right corner of the page.

STEP 6. Fill out the fields, then check the special class.


-You can see the rate per unit on the left side. Put the amount. In the Course No. just type the subject code and it will suggest some subjects you are searching.

-You also add some additional fees on the specific subject like (Laboratory fees, etc.) on the additional fees area. Just click add row then input the item and amount.

-In the Units area you can put how many units the subject is. Below you can see no. of units to be charged. Because there are some subjects that have 3 units but the school’s charge only 1.5 units. if that's the case, you need to put the 1.5 units to the no. of units to be charged. Just leave it blank (no.units to be charged) if you charge the same.

STEP 7. Click SAVE on the upper right corner of the page.

Congratulations you successfully added a special rate on a special class.