Step 1. Click "Subjects" Icon

Step 2. Click "New" to create a subject

Step 3. Input the details for the created schedule such as School Year, Subject and you can also input the Pre-Requisite of the subject in the "Pre-Requisite" table.

Step 4. Specify for which semester is the subject

Step 5. Click "Add Row" to add the Pre-Requisite of the subject. You can also add another Pre-Requisite subject.

Step 6. Input the Section/Block Name, Time, Days, Teacher, Room and Units of the subject.

Step 7. Type the block or section, if there is no suggestion on drop down it means that block is not yet exist or created. You need to create it by clicking the Create new Sectioning WC

Step 8. Fill up the section section and Course then click save. Then fill the time, days, teacher, room.

Step 9. Click the "Drop down" button and enter the amount of students allowed to enroll in this subject.

Step 10. After inputting, click "Save"