Mandatory Discount Account in BED Discount List

If accounting is enabled, the discount account field is now mandatory in the BED Discount List. Ensure accurate accounting records effortlessly. (For Schools with Accounting Only)

Accounting is enabled

BED Discount list mandatory Discount Account Field

In Pre-enrollment, after saving the filled-up form, parents will automatically receive a text message and an email containing the payment link.

Go to School and input the {link} to add payment link on the Message on Sent Pre-Enrollment box.

Administrator-only Permission

Only the Administrator account now has exclusive rights to merge and rename the School Year List and School Year WC List doctypes ensuring data control.

A prompt will appear if not Administrator Account:

Attempt to Rename School Year
Attempt to Merge School Year

Auto-fill Account and Cost Center

Additional Fees in the Matriculation list will now automatically auto-fill the Account and Cost Center fields, streamlining financial management.

After setting up the additional fee: input item name, amount and date of the selected student, Click Save to see the result.

New Columns - Section Code and Assign Instructor

The Assign Instructors list has added a new columns "Section Code and Assign Instructor", helping schools better organize and manage their instructors. (For Old School Only)

To update the existing Assign Instructor list, Click the Get Subjects button to display the Section Code

Enhanced Approved by Dean Button

When approving enrollment in the Enrollment Ledger WC, a prompt now appears if the subject is full or closed, providing clarity and control. (For Old School Only)

To check if the subject is full go to Subject WC List

Click dropdown arrow to see if the current count reached its max count

How to apply changes in bug fix

Bug Fixed BED Discount by Item Wrong Display of Discount Amount in Enrollee Customer

Bug: Wrong Display of Discount Amount in Enrollee Customer

To apply changes: Cancel the Enrollee Customer and click Clear Schedule button to refresh the table

Bug Fixed School Tuition Plan Centavos

Bug: Wrong Centavos

To apply the changes:

  1. Go to School Tuition Plan and click Make Schedule button to refresh the table
  2. Next go to Enrollee Customer, click Clear Schedules button to update the table. Click Save and Submit.

Expected Output:

Bug Fixed Downpayment with Non-ledger Payment

Only the Downpayment Amount will be Included in the Downpayment/Initial Payment field in Matriculation.

Bug: Nonledger amount added in Downpyment field in Matriculation

Correct Downpayment is 17,180

To apply changes: for existing Submitted Matriculation, Click Update Matriculation to update the Downpayment field

Expected Output: